Blogging and Copywriting

Blogging and Copywriting – Let’s Begin.

First of all, blogging and copywriting… It’s been a work in progress. Definitely rewarding.

I’ve always been fond of writing, which started out as songwriting at the age of 10. I actually wrote a very short story, which was made into a bound book in elementary school around the same time.

As a result, I started to put my writing skills to the test.

Blogging and copywriting have become a part of my routine.

I am writing a book of which I am taking my time due to other work related tasks that “pay the bills”.

I will post something on my main site, with an audiobook example, in good time.

Blogging Role

I am the person responsible for the blog over at an independent estate agent in east London that provides “Guaranteed Rent in London” named Metropolitan and Crown Estate Agent Ltd.

I re-designed and re-branded their logo (seen below):

metropolitan and crown estate agent ltd

This is their blog that I created and implemented for the company, of which I provide the copywriting:

Other roles

I have been involved in the company’s SEO copywriting success in Google (for over 5 years) for organically promoting their service of providing guaranteed rent in London.

I am the Head of Digital Marketing, along with the role of Customer Service Manager and Sales Liaison until recently.

As a result, I’d love to focus on solely the digital marketing.

I guess my professional writing skills come in handy in other areas for the business as well.

Time will tell…

If I continue to provide my digital marketing services for the years to come, I will do my best to get ranked well on Google.

Along with my songwriting, I also like making music, and you can hear a song by Dave Kneisler on SoundCloud where I posted a track that I made completely on an iPhone.

The Future

I look forward to embarking on an independent, entrepreneurial career very soon.

May you, the reader, find some useful information in the future via my blog posts.

To conclude, now that I have completed my first personal blog entry about me, I’m pumped!

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